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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl deals with sea, air and land shipments all over the world, producing custom packaging and preparing all the necessary documentation for customs, import and export. For example: certification of origin, pack list, materials lists. Everything you need to make it easier to identify each item transported.

What is meant by logistics

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl also manages the logistics of its products at 360° and worldwide.

When we talk about logistics we don’t mean only the part of the shipment, but a series of articulated activities. These allow and allow that the shipment takes place in a safe way up to the destination.
Already in the budgeting and planning phase, attention to logistics is prioritized. All this in order to optimize transport and accessibility to work areas.

The company handles both land and sea shipments worldwide.


Activities included

At this stage we take care of the management and production of all the necessary documentation, such as certificates of origin, packing lists, bills of materials, etc.

All packaging is managed and custom designed according to the customer’s needs, the characteristics of the material, and the loading and unloading means used.

Each item will be labeled for shipping and listed in the Packing List for easy identification. We safely administer and manage customs and import/export documents.